ICB report spells good news for consumers

13 September 2011 15:32

At last, there could be some good news for bank customers. The big lines that emerged from the Independent Commission on Banking’s report concerned the ringfencing of the banks’ retail operations, and the call for extra funds they would need to...

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This is no new financial crisis

17 August 2011 14:28

With UK unemployment and inflation both up this week, and in the light of the recent stock volatility around the world, people have begun to wonder if we’re about to see another financial crisis. The US credit-rating downgrade hasn’t helped, and there’s...

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Please can we have just a little bit of good news?

31 July 2011 18:31

Inflation, house prices, pensions, unemployment . . . It's all grim, isn't it? Whether you look on this website, in the papers or on television, good economic news is hard to find right now. And just to compound matters, we’re having to watch the unedifying...

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The sad truth about inflation

15 July 2011 16:57

The inflation data released this week was greeted with relief by many people, but it simply highlighted how dire the situation has become. The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee (MPC) is tasked with keeping inflation at 2pc. But this week, whoops...

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Greece's relief is only temporary

26 June 2011 17:07

The turmoil surrounding Greece’s economy has reached a new level in recent days. The euro-sceptics are saying “I told you so”. The euro-enthusiasts admit this is the biggest crisis the EU has been through. The anti-capitalist brigade can barely contain...

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Hats off to this credit card provider

03 June 2011 17:18

We can take as many precautions as possible with our money, but sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control. Even personal-finance journalists, who spend our time telling people to be careful, are not immune to becoming victims, as...

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This PPI apology leaves a lot to be desired

09 May 2011 17:06

There’s light at the end of the PPI tunnel at long last. After years of protests by the banks that they had done nothing wrong, they have finally thrown in the towel and agreed to cough up billions of pounds in compensation. Not that they didn’t want...

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Take care surfing when you're abroad

24 April 2011 16:56

If you are one of the growing army of people with tablets or smartphones, beware of being charged hundreds of pounds if you take it on holiday with you. The consumer champions at Which? reckon using that an iPad overseas can be a thousand times as expensive...

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Energy clampdown comes not a moment too soon

11 April 2011 10:43

Did you know that your domestic fuel supplier doesn't have to notify you until 90 days AFTER it puts up its prices? It is amazing that such a set-up still exists in this day and age. What an unacceptable situation it is. Nowhere else do...

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Cut in fuel duty is far from a grudging offer

24 March 2011 17:40

The initial welcome by motorists to the chancellor’s budget announcement of a cut in fuel duty was soon replaced with scepticism. At a time of soaring oil prices, slashing a whole 1p quickly became seen as something of a grudging move. Anything’s better...

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Credit card offer could be an expensive gimmick

11 March 2011 14:23

When is a good deal not a good deal? All too often, unfortunately, because the line between competitive offers and gimmicks is becoming increasingly blurred. The Post Office has launched a deal offering free flights to anyone who takes out one of its...

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Ridiculous ruling unites us all

01 March 2011 16:52

You don’t need to be a fully paid-up member of the anti-EU lobby to take the view that the European Court of Justice ruling is absurd. The interests of the financial services industry are quite often the opposite of the interests of consumers – what’s...

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Bank of England needs to do its job

18 February 2011 17:34

The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee has spectacularly failed in its sole duty of controlling inflation. Bank governor Mervyn King has repeatedly warned that inflation is set to remain high, blaming issues – amongst them foreign factors –...

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It's time to salute the good guys

28 January 2011 18:59

It might seem a little self-indulgent to big up this week’s Moneyfacts awards given the involvement of MyMoney24, but the inaugural ceremony was an important occasion that deserves recognition. Awards within the personal-finance industry are certainly...

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We're staying together - and it's all thanks to Dave and Nick

07 January 2011 15:11

So much for all those grumpy people who have been blaming the ConDems for the end of the world. Public spending cuts; higher tuition fees; swingeing tax increases. Wherever you look, the coalition government is being blamed for causing havoc. Forget...

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