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The Ellsworth Investment Dilemma

23 April 2014 14:37

I was clearing out some papers earlier today and happened upon a newspaper cutting from the summer of 2005. ‘How quaint’, you might say, but while I had no intention of acting upon it, I considered the story intriguing.Indeed, almost a decade ago,...

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Presented with pension freedom, what can savers do?

10 April 2014 17:32

Ordinarily, the only Budget-related announcements capable of remaining newsworthy for more than a couple of days are those that have an immediate impact upon our purses or wallets.Furthermore, most of us accept price hikes on ‘luxuries’ such as...

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Aussie experience worthy of note

02 April 2014 18:27

I’ve been reading Australia: A Biography of a Nation by Phillip Knightley, described on its dust cover as “part history, part travelogue, part memoir [which] tells the inspiring story of how a one-time British colony with only two sorts of citizens,...

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Hang on - this is the wrong type of growth

26 March 2014 15:17

“Beijing’s first official overseas investment guide focuses on UK” (News item).Quite a coup eh? Earlier this week, Britain became the focal point of the Chinese government’s inaugural guide to investing overseas. Written on behalf of the nation’s wonderfully-titled...

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Beware the scammers - there are more of them than ever

20 March 2014 13:32

It’s a list no-one wants to appear on – a comprehensive table of names labelled ‘dummies’ – which was, apparently, the designation given to a hit-list used by unscrupulous salesmen working for the now defunct Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd. According...

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Dairy Crest offers fine example to smaller firms

12 March 2014 13:33

As business news items go it appeared pretty innocuous and, as the company affected reacted swiftly, the prospect of it suffering any repercussions were immediately quashed. Yet not every organisation can handle such matters with the speed and...

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As wealth managers look east, investors can benefit

05 March 2014 18:24

It’s a fair bet that most readers were unaware of the fact that Monday 3rd March was World Tennis Day. This fresh addition to the sporting calendar was celebrated with a showdown of oldies who renewed rivalries at London’s Earls Court on Monday...

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Mobile operators scream "WhatsApp doc?"

28 February 2014 17:10

our years ago this week, my company was commissioned to write and produce a series of 15-minute podcasts for the 2010 World Cup. We had claimed a silver medal in the European Podcast Awards the year before and attracted a number of clients as...

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Companies ignore small shareholders at their peril

20 February 2014 17:46

A few years ago, I was introduced to the high profile chairman of a Premiership football club with whom I immediately struck up a rapport. His club’s shares were, at the time, listed on the stock market and following a series of prolonged meetings, he...

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Vodafone could have made matters much easier

18 February 2014 09:18

Very early on in my first ‘proper’, post-university job, working as a trainee accountant for a huge US corporation, I was told that, should I have any pressing need to share my thoughts with other members of the accounting department, then memos...

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Zero in on good sense

09 December 2013 17:10

In the 1980s I was invited on an organised tour of a clothing factory in Lesotho. Our hosts were one of a number of companies which had recently migrated from neighbouring South Africa to the landlocked kingdom, attracted by lower wages and the absence...

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Sinking in Debt

29 November 2013 14:50

‘What’s the point of saving when the returns on cash are so low?’ I was asked recently. I found it telling that this entirely rhetorical question was posed by a young man, probably in his late twenties, as we sat together at a sports club function. He...

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Could retailers enjoy a bumper Christmas?

22 October 2013 10:02

As I tucked into my second mince pie - moaning about the festive season coming earlier every year works up a surprising appetite - my wife ran through the budget she’d drawn up for Christmas. We’re not exactly going to be pushing out the boat but the...

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Don't give up on Tesco

16 October 2013 17:57

“Goals have to be bold and daring. They need to cause excitement and just a little fear.” So wrote Sir Terry Leahy in May 2012, a year after retiring as chief executive of Tesco.The goals he established when taking up the job some 15 years earlier were...

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Can we all benefit from economic growth?

08 October 2013 17:38

Looking remarkably relaxed for a middle-aged man who had just days before been made redundant, my friend outlined his plans over a coffee. No, he hadn’t yet sent out his CV or been in touch with any recruitment agencies. In fact, he had decided to take...

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