Beware this 'trading' phenomenon

15 October 2014 18:35

How many times have you said to yourself, “Well, it looks good on paper” before you’ve had the opportunity to ruminate and decided that ultimately, applying a dose of reality – it usually doesn’t even need to be harsh – to written theory might not...

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PGA chief offers food for retirement thought

08 October 2014 17:03

Every week, it seems, we’re inundated with great lumps of depressingly repetitive news regarding the potentially nightmarish consequences of having a rapidly-ageing population.Surveys frequently reveal details of how the so-called ‘gilded’ generation...

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Giant retailers suffer at hands of discounters

01 October 2014 15:33

It could be argued that for decades, the most valuable commodity offered by any national supermarket chain has been trust. Large, comforting, all-embracing dollops of it. For everyone lucky enough to venture through their hallowed portals.These...

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What next for Tesco?

24 September 2014 14:07

In what sounded remarkably similar to Donald Rumsfeld’s famous (or should that be infamous?) line regarding “known unknowns”, Tesco chairman Sir Richard Broadbent insisted earlier this week that, “Things are always unnoticed until they have been...

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How to avoid getting investment rust in your eyes

17 September 2014 16:27

Whatever it’s ultimate purpose, be it paying off the mortgage, funding your children through university, supplementing a pension or building your main retirement fund, constructing an investment portfolio from scratch is not exactly a straight forward...

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Here's an alternative to 'struggling' insurers

11 September 2014 18:04

Is there anything quite as frustrating as holding on a phone call for more than a couple of minutes?Unfortunately, it’s an irritation integral to modern life; an unwelcome opportunity to either let your burgeoning anger slowly bubble away, or forever...

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Singapore model a step too far for UK?

04 September 2014 09:16

Twice this week I’ve had cause to delve back into a small collection of dusty, well-thumbed books, the titles of which each contain some form of reference to England’s Tudor age.Many, many moons ago I studied the period at A-level, inspired by an...

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IPOs offer investors no guarantees

26 August 2014 15:40

Can it really be a decade since Google floated on the US stock exchange?It feels more like a couple of years since the omnipresent organisation made the leap from Silicon Valley start-up to sought-after technology stock, yet the accession from private...

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More bank holidays? Don't be daft

21 August 2014 10:38

It was once called ‘experience’, although those who frequently and unnecessarily revise and reinterpret our language in the interests of making it ‘more accessible’, whatever that means, now refer to the sensation or process and / or its repercussions...

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Sandwich generation loaded with unforeseen burdens

14 August 2014 10:20

Upon first hearing the phrase ‘the sandwich generation’, you may, as I did, assume it’s an oblique reference to youngsters’ changing eating habits. “Better than burgers,” I mused, initially, until someone mentioned how important it is for this apparently...

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Northern view of happiness vindicated

07 August 2014 13:01

During an Easter break from university in the late seventies, I invited a pal, who lived in Kent, to come and stay at my parents’ house for a few days. He borrowed his mother’s car, naturally, and drove up to the ‘frozen north’ as it was habitually...

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Reflections on this week's visit to Glasgow

02 August 2014 10:37

It would have been difficult not to go to Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games, especially as we had a long-standing invitation to stay with some friends who live in the wonderfully-named Milton of Campsie, just outside of what is surely Britain’s...

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More radical action required from Osborne

28 July 2014 14:49

This week’s personal finance news has been dominated by the confirmation that George Osborne’s radical Budget announcements regarding pensions will, as anticipated, pass into law. The news, coupled with a long-forgotten report issued by the Department...

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Years of hurt set to continue for savers

08 July 2014 17:28

Is it really seven years? The credit crunch had hardly been heard of seven years ago, let alone identified as an impending financial disaster that would change the world and obliterate great swaths of individual, governmental and corporate wealth.In June...

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Research before using new ISA limit

03 July 2014 10:32

Everyone knows there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.Neither of these absolutely guaranteed aspects of our existence is especially palatable, not least because each deprives us of opportunity. Death obviously so, while taxes dent our...

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