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Can canny Chancellor celebrate?

10 April 2014 17:22

I suspect that Britain’s adult population has learnt more about annuities since the Chancellor’s dramatic Budget than it has in the past few decades.Prior to 19th March, most people in their forties and fifties had no idea that there was a legal...

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Beware pension fantasyland

02 April 2014 15:41

It’s started. Following George Osborne’s ‘revolutionary’ pensions pronouncements in the Budget, it would appear that everyone and his brother are now assuming (incorrectly) that upon reaching their mid-fifties, all 55-year-olds will automatically...

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What an intelligent investor would do now

26 March 2014 15:13

For more than a week now, there’s been a broad smile evident across the faces of Britain’s army of beleaguered savers, most still basking in the warm glow of a Budget that finally, belatedly, did them a few favours. Never before in living memory has a...

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Chancellor right not to patronise savers

23 March 2014 17:36

Former US president and Hollywood star Ronald Regan maintained that the nine words most people dread hearing are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. Regan detested this statement’s intrinsically contradictory nature, together with...

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Beware impact of fund fees

13 March 2014 11:46

The vast, unwieldy body that is the EU is an easy target, its facelessness making it a docile focal point for derision whenever our domestic political masters seek to deflect attention away from their own incompetence, ineptitude, or worse. Taxpayers...

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Children are expensive commodities

05 March 2014 18:19

A report published this week by the Family and Childcare Trust (FCT) claimed that the basic expense of sending two children to nursery or an after-school club exceeded average mortgage costs. In 2012, households spent an average of £7,207 a year...

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Ukraine is no black swan moment, but there is something else...

28 February 2014 17:03

Photographs of the presidential palace, thrown open after its former occupant, the kleptomaniac Viktor Yankovych fled the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv last Saturday night, shocked few of us grown used to observing the consequences of dictatorial...

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Future giants require nurturing

25 February 2014 09:49

Of the raft of government statements and soundbites, issued almost daily, their pledge to maintain - and ideally even increase - support for small and medium-sized businesses is perhaps the most important.There can be no denying that small and medium-size...

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How to go the distance

21 February 2014 12:44

Cast your mind back 12 months when the talk was of a triple-dip UK recession with sterling plummeting. What a difference a year makes; the UK is now the fastest growing major economy in the world.Growing confidence has been fed in recent months...

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Sting in the Tail

18 February 2014 09:08

While news that the UK’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since 2009 is to be welcomed, it is however, something of a double-edged sword.Sterling, which hit a five-year high against a basket of other currencies earlier this month,...

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The new facts of life

15 February 2014 10:50

That perennially difficult, almost unanswerable question, ‘how much is enough?’, is justifiably considered to be the close cousin of another mind-bending conundrum: ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Both fall into the category labelled ‘fiendishly...

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Price of longevity

13 February 2014 15:02

There was an outcry, but George Osborne’s shifting of the retirement age goalposts would have caught few by surprise. Given that we are on average living longer as a nation, the Chancellor’s move was inevitable - especially considering the growing...

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Save A Thought

09 December 2013 17:06

Householders have been withdrawing money from their savings accounts at the fastest rate for nearly 40 years. A sign of growing confidence in the economy or a warning? The former, according to one commentator interviewed on Radio 4 the morning the Bank...

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Looking beyond the energy crisis

02 December 2013 16:51

The inflation-busting price hikes announced by the so-called Big Six energy companies has sparked political outrage and media scrutiny. The focal point of this attention has been on the effect the increases will have on already hard-pressed households....

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Poorly Rated

29 November 2013 14:26

The Portas Review did serve to highlight the plight of the UK’s high streets. But two years on the initiative has proved to be a disappointment all round, despite Mary Portas’s well-intended efforts.The crisis, which spurred the TV star to take on the...

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