Cashcards: for emergencies only

24 October 2014 14:55

Older readers may remember the original ‘cashcards’ which first appeared in the late 1970s, although not all banks issued them. The ones distributed by NatWest, which allowed you to withdraw a tenner, were battleship grey in colour and credit card...

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National Insurance? It's a giant Ponzi scheme

14 October 2014 17:23

We’ve reached a stage where barely a week passes by without us being deluged with data or swamped with stats regarding the burgeoning ‘pension crisis’. Perhaps this is a good thing: maybe people are finally cottoning-on to the fact that, as life...

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There's a time and place for investment ideas

29 September 2014 18:17

For more years than I care to remember, or would wish to reveal here, I’ve accumulated a veritable mountain of newspaper and magazine clippings comprising details and articles focusing on possible investments.Over the years, the breadth of my shifting...

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What makes you happy?

22 September 2014 18:06

What makes you happy?There’s been an incredibly long pause between writing that last line and this as I considered how I would respond to the same question. I suppose the short answer is: it depends upon the interaction of a number of factors.Granted,...

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Large deposits essential for property market

17 September 2014 16:10

Most people experience some minor form of financial headache every now and then, an unwanted blip on life’s radar.You might recognise situations such as the one just before payday when, unable to afford it because your current account balance is a...

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We must nourish the brain and the belly

04 September 2014 15:52

I was always a big fan of school meals, probably because they were invariably hot and plentiful. Of course, growing boys are not generally fussy eaters. They tend to throw everything they can down their necks in the shortest possible time in order...

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The legacy baby boomers should leave

27 August 2014 16:42

Thanks primarily to their parents and a cohort of visionary politicians, neither of which they had much control over, baby boomers have long been described as the ‘lucky generation’.These are the folks who benefited directly from the establishment...

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Paxo spins some home truths

21 August 2014 10:45

If you had to compare Jeremy Paxman to a single food, it would have to be Marmite. Plenty of people disliked his apparently haughty, supercilious manner when he presented Newsnight, a position he held for a quarter century, although others, including...

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Little need to take extreme risks

13 August 2014 11:58

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I’ve just finished reading Bill Bryson’s One Summer, a compelling mix of American social history, engaging asides and well-researched...

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This rule of thumb is worth remembering

05 August 2014 10:03

Perhaps the advice is no longer distributed as widely in our increasingly disposable, must-have-everything-now, overtly consumerist society, but there was a time when parents would drum the phrase, “waste not, want not” into their children, partly...

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Ignore ISA benefits at your peril

29 July 2014 08:56

Almost inevitably, following the Chancellor’s much-heralded March Budget, pensions and the obvious advantages of contributing to one, became the financial press’s new ‘big thing’.Self invested personal pensions in particular, formerly considered...

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Advice is better when face to face

08 July 2014 17:10

Technology, of the type with which we’ve become remarkably familiar over the past two decades, can be absolutely wonderful when it works, although it becomes a nightmare when it doesn’t. We all know this, but a couple of fairly recent examples of mine...

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Improving financial literacy essential

07 July 2014 15:03

Although we appear, for now, to be over the very worst, it has taken the most damaging financial crisis since the 1930s for many folk to realise that some elements of daily life which we previously took for granted will no longer be available, or if they...

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Savers consider riskier options

03 July 2014 10:22

Few readers would be shocked to discover that scores of savers and investors are increasingly willing to accept a greater level of investment risk than many had ever considered acceptable, or even prudent. The weight of evidence, both anecdotal and statistical,...

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Life, like investment assets, carries some form of risk.

18 June 2014 17:42

So the official inflation figure has fallen to 1.5 percent. Excuse my scepticism and failure to hang out the bunting, but with so many everyday items excluded from the official calculation, the likelihood is that a more accurate figure is nearer...

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